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OHXYPHOG Ozone has the most powerful, revolutionary, patented technology to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens.

Ozone is proven to effectively kill over 99% of airborne and surface pathogens.


"Viruses have no protection against oxidative stress. Ozone is a proven disinfectant against NOROVirus and SARS. The effectiveness of ozone against these specific viruses is well documented in the technical community" shares Thoram Charanda, Ozone R&D Lab Director.


OhxyPhog is a patented fogging system that uses ozone, water, and air to create powerful oxidizing fog. The condensate free fog is composed of small 2-3 micron ozonated water droplets that completely cover all surfaces and cracks within a given treatment area. The oxidative process using ozone leaves minimal oxidation byproducts compared to traditional chemical disinfectants.

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The OhxyPhog mobile treatment system is perfect for use in airports, hospitals, urgent care centers, food processing areas, classrooms, locker rooms, daycare facilities, nursing homes and any other facility where complete decontamination of an entire area is desired.  

In most applications, a Ct value of 120 ppmv-min (or greater) is targeted.  Based on a typical half-life of 15 minutes, an ozone gas concentration of 2 ppmv and a Ct value target of 120 ppmv-min, the table below provides the time for the Ohxyphog system to reach whole room sanitization with different treatment room volumes:

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 11.29.44
Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 11.29.50
Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 10.33.13


How does OhxyPhog work?
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How does OhxyPhog work?

How does OhxyPhog work?

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How does ozone kill bacteria?

How does ozone kill bacteria?

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Inside the Machine.

Inside the Machine.

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OhxyPhog versus manual cleaning.

OhxyPhog versus manual cleaning.

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What is OhxyPhog?


Ohxyphog is a unique combination of humidity, fog and ozone gas created by a specialized nozzle that is used to disinfect the ambient atmosphere and contact surfaces in an isolated treatment area.  The specialized nozzle is designed in such a way to produce not only dissolved ozone within the micro droplets that make up the fog but also hydroxyl radicals.  Hydroxyl radicals, *OH, are the most powerful oxidizing agents available and can destroy any bacterial pathogen, virus, molds or mildews.  Ohxyphog treatments are performed in rooms that can be isolated from the building’s HVAC and with no personnel within the room during the short ozonation process. OhxyPhog is a commercial-grade machine. 


How does it work?


The Ohxyphog system is typically employed in an area that complete surface and atmospheric disinfection is desired.  The system creates a fog containing micro droplets of ozonated water, ozone gas and humidity.  The increasing of humidity to 80% or above is very important as it greatly increases ozone capability to kill the potential pathogens.  Because ozone is a gas, it has the ability to reach all exposed surfaces, including under tables, chairs, crevices and cracks in the floor, the ceiling, etc.  This means that the Ohxyphog is capable of providing disinfection in areas that are not reached with typical cleaning protocols.

How large a room or facility can the Ohxyphog system treat?


How large a room or facility the Ohxyphog is capable of treating is based on the ozone output of the system, treatment room volume and the ozone decay rate (or half-life).  The rate of ozone decay is significantly influenced by the type of room, cleanliness and total surface area within the room.  The rate of ozone decay in the air can range from a few minutes up to an hour or more.  The disinfection of surfaces from the Ohxyphog system can be correlated to concentration x time (typically in minutes) called Ct value with units of ppmv-min.  In most applications a Ct value of 350 ppmv-min (or greater) is targeted. 


What are some common applications for Ohxyphog?


The Ohxyphog system can be used for just about any area that requires complete surface disinfection, including:

  • Hospitals

  • Funeral Home

  • Super Market

  • Public Transportation

  • Schools

  • Urgent Care

  • Community rooms and meeting areas

  • Hotels

  • Food production areas: such as poultry, seafood, produce, food processing and RTE (ready to eat) facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Food storage rooms

  • Banks

  • Airports

  • Government Buildings


What does a typical Ohyxphog treatment look like?


A typical Ohxyphog treatment will involve the following basic procedural steps:

  • The ozonation treatment should be performed when the treatment area can be isolated for a period of time. The typical treatment times are 30-60 minutes once the desired level of ozone and humidity is reached.

  • The Ohxyphog nozzles and fog stacks are properly positioned within the treatment area along with fans if needed to create air convection.

  • The HVAC for the treatment area is shutdown and the inlet/outlet vents are sealed off.

  • The entrances and exit doors would be closed and locked, and if necessary sealed with tape.

  • The ozone treatment level and time are set in the Ohxyphog’s control screen and the system is started.

  • The increase of ozone and humidity is continuously monitored and logged during the entire duration of the treatment.

  • Once the treatment time is reached, the ozone and fogging are automatically stopped as the residual ozone will continue to degrade back to oxygen. The logging of the ozone gas concentration in the treatment area is continued until the ozone naturally falls to a safe level.

  • Once the ozone concentration has fallen to a safe level, the sealing tapes and covers of the vents in the room are removed and it can now be occupied and put back into operation.

Please call for a custom quote. Limited quantities available.


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