Financing the OhxyPhog System

Monthly Payments As Low As



Potential Revenue Income


$5000+ / week

by providing the disinfection service to your local area businesses!

Machines and service can cost $1500+ per rental. If your monthly financing payment was $800, you would only need to rent out the machine ONE TIME per month and the rentals would pay for the machine.

Rent out the machine and earn revenue immediately! Contact a sales rep for more information on financing and renting out the machine in your town!



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Patent number: 8,029,726

Disclaimer:  The US EPA states that “pesticidal devices are subject to certain regulatory requirements under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), one of which is a prohibition of false or misleading labeling claims. Making false or misleading labeling claims about the safety or efficacy of a pesticidal device may result in penalties under FIFRA”.  OhxyPhog is manufactured by Guardian Manufacturing, Inc. under EPA Establishment # 83124-FL-00 and US Patent 8,029,726 “Disinfection Methods for Surface and Enclosed Spaces” and makes no claims or warrants that OhxyPhog can or will kill the COVID-19 coronavirus.  There are numerous scientific studies that show that ozone gas is effective in killing most viruses.  To the best of our knowledge, no scientific paper exists today as to the efficacy of any EPA registered disinfectant or EPA Pesticide Device in their ability to kill COVID19.  It’s our belief and the belief of the scientific community that ozone will be proven to kill COVID19 but until these studies are published, we cannot make any claim or warranty regarding the ability of OhxyPhog to kill COVID19.  As an EPA Pesticide Device Manufacturer, we have adequate data to show we can kill specific pathogens and have the necessary data to back up our claims (i.e. reference case studies). 


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